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lou gehrig baseball stats by baseball almanac - lou gehrig stats lou gehrig was born on friday june 19 1903 in new york new york gehrig was 19 years old when he broke into the big leagues on june 15 1923 with the new york yankees, the pride of the yankees lou gehrig gary cooper and the - the pride of the yankees lou gehrig gary cooper and the making of a classic richard sandomir on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers i consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth on july 4 1939 baseball great lou gehrig delivered what has been called baseball s gettysburg address at yankee stadium and gave a speech that included the phrase that would become, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis wikipedia - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis als also known as motor neurone disease mnd or lou gehrig s disease is a specific disease which causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles some also use the term motor neuron disease for a group of conditions of which als is the most common als is characterized by stiff muscles muscle twitching and gradually worsening weakness due to, amazon com love affair eleanor lou gehrig story vhs - the classic 1943 film the pride of the yankees really was more of a love story that a baseball story in telling about the life of the new york yankees hall of fame first baseman lou gehrig, how has stephen hawking lived past 70 with als - scientific american is the essential guide to the most awe inspiring advances in science and technology explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives, sam shepard actor and pulitzer winning playwright is - sam shepard whose hallucinatory plays redefined the landscape of the american west and its inhabitants died on thursday at his home in kentucky, two great couples key west lou - last night unusual spent time with two great couples one i had met last year the other new i was at aqua for dueling bartenders crowded i was sitting alone at a small table, home david a adler - david a adler is the author of almost two hundred books for children fiction and nonfiction, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis practice essentials - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis als is the most common degenerative disease of the motor neuron system although als is incurable and fatal with median survival of 3 years treatment can extend the length and meaningful quality of life for patients, top 100 speeches of the 20th century by rank american - full text and audio database of top 100 american speeches by rank order, tin signs classic tin signs vintage tin signs - classic tin signs is your source for nostalgic tin signs featuring vintage tin signs like coca cola tin signs nascar signs elvis celebrities sports autos john deere route 66 and more, mlb all star game 2018 start time ticket info rosters - the national league will have a difficult time trying to match the quality the american league can bring off the bench while machado is a formidable starting shortstop lindor may be just as good, sports apparel jerseys and fan gear at fanatics com - fanatics com is the ultimate sports apparel store and fan gear shop our sports store features football baseball and basketball jerseys t shirts hats and more for nfl mlb nba nhl mls and college teams, negro baseball leagues award winning site dedicated to - from georgia pbs during the early 1900 s the negro baseball league s atlanta black crackers rented out a field from the all white atlanta crackers including the team s 1938 championship season, lean on pete review andrew haigh s boy and his horse - when a european director makes his or her first movie in the united states you can pretty much rely on two things the camera s awe at the wide open spaces and big skies and a downbeat story