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euripides biography life family children son - euripides was the son of mnesarchus the family owned property on the island of salamis and euripides was twice married melito and choirile and had three sons mnesarchides mnesilochus and euripides euripides was raised in a cultured family was witness to the rebuilding of the athenian walls, euripides greek dramatist britannica com - euripides euripides last of classical athens s three great tragic dramatists following aeschylus and sophocles it is possible to reconstruct only the sketchiest biography of euripides his mother s name was cleito his father s name was mnesarchus or mnesarchides one tradition states that his mother was, pythagoras biography life name history school son - early life born on the island of samos off greece in the mediterranean sea pythagoras was the son of mnesarchus little is known about his early life, biography of pythagoras math word definition math open - a biography of pythagoras of samos a short description of his life and contributions to the study of geometry including pythagoras theorem links to other resources, alcestis play by euripides britannica com - alcestis alcestis greek alk stis drama by euripides performed in 438 bce though tragic in form the play ends happily it was performed in place of the satyr play that usually ended the series of three tragedies that were produced for festival competition the story concerns the imminent death of king