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brief biography of william penn us history - william penn october 14 1644 july 30 1718 founded the province of pennsylvania the british north american colony that became the u s state of pennsylvania the democratic principles that he set forth served as an inspiration for the united states constitution, the founder of pennsylvania william penn biography and - pennsylvania founder william penn a biography and timeline william penn the 17th century historical figure who created the colony of pennsylvania and the city of philadelphia was a man centuries ahead of his time there are many places to visit in philadelphia that are deeply connected to penn s legacy, biography for kids william penn - kids learn about the biography of william penn founder of the colony of pennsylvania for quakers including his early life becoming a quaker establishing philadelphia and fun facts, william penn and the founding of pennsylvania jean r - on march 5 1681 one day after receiving his royal charter for pennsylvania william penn wrote that he believed god would make his colony the seed of the nation penn wanted his pennsylvania to be a land where people of differing languages and customs could live together where men and women, william penn history facts biography study com - william penn was the founder of the pennsylvania colony and the leader of the quaker religious community before all that he was born into a wealthy english family in 1644 before all that he, william penn founder of pennsylvania geni family tree - william penn october 14 1644 july 30 1718 was an english founder and absolute proprietor of the province of pennsylvania the english north american colony and the future u s state of pennsylvania, 15 rebellious facts about pennsylvania founder william - in 1681 william penn wrote that pennsylvania a colony he d just obtained via royal charter would one day become the seed of a nation he couldn t have possibly known how prophetic